Political parties and elections

Wednesday 13 November 2019

A taxing election

Do the parties’ tax plans match up to the needs of modern Britain?

21st century Britain is changing, and our tax system is struggling to catch up. From the changing nature of work, to an ageing population and our transition to a green economy, all of these changes have huge implications for both the amount of revenue we need, and the kind of taxes needed to collect it. The future of our tax system is set to be a major battleground in the election campaign, with parties setting out plans for major tax rises and tax cuts.

Are we paying more or less tax? Who stands to gain or lose the most from the main parties’ tax pledges? And more importantly, how do these plans match up with their own economic priorities, and the UK’s demographic and environmental pressures?

At an event at its Westminster offices, the Resolution Foundation presented new analysis on the changing shape of the UK’s system, and the main parties’ tax plans. A panel of leading tax experts discussed what tax reforms that Britain needs, the opportunities and risks of the parties’ tax pledges, and how the issue of tax will play out in the General Election.