Political parties and elections

Election 2019

Our analysis to date

During elections, political parties set out their vision and priorities for the country over the next five years. The Resolution Foundation has published a series of reports assessing the shape of the state, and exploring the main parties’ plans on housing, tax and spend, and fiscal policy. Read more using the links below, or download our reports from the featured menu.

Our content includes:

An overview of the manifestos and the key issues of the election so far:

The choice facing Britain: what the manifestos reveal


A trilogy of reports exploring the state and shape of the UK today:

The shifting shape of social security: Charting the changing size and shape of the British welfare system


The shifting shape of UK tax: Charting the changing size and shape of the UK tax system


The shape of things to come: Charting the changing size and shape of the UK state


Analysis of the main parties’ election manifestos:

Doubling down on a bigger state: Assessing Labour’s 2019 manifesto


Oven-ready, safety-first: Assessing the Conservatives’ 2019 manifesto


Analysis of some of the big election issues:

Ain’t no minimum high enough: Minimum wage policy in the 2019 General Election


Inequality street: Housing and the 2019 general election


Streets apart: An analysis of manifesto commitments on housing


Bridging divides: Analysing the 2019 general election from a generational perspective


Fiscal policy and the 2019 election:

Rewriting the rules: Assessing Conservative and Labour’s new fiscal frameworks


Playing by their own rules: Can the main parties stick to their own fiscal rules?


Election-themed events:

The choice facing Britain: What the manifestos revealAt an event on November 28th, Resolution Foundation Chief Executive Torsten Bell presented an overview of the main parties’ manifestos, before chairing a panel debate with leading experts. Video available.


Beveridge mark II?: The future of social securityOn November 26th, the Resolution Foundation held an event to mark the publication of its final report on the changing size and shape of the state, focusing on social security. Video available.


The floor’s the limit: Examining the main parties’ plans for a higher minimum wage: On November 18th, the Resolution Foundation presented new analysis of the two main parties’ plans for the minimum wage, including how they compare with each other, with other countries, and how they might affect firms and workers across the UK. Video available.


A taxing election: Do the parties’ tax plans match up to the needs of modern Britain?: On November 13th, the Resolution Foundation presented new analysis on the changing shape of the UK’s system, and the main parties’ tax plans. Video available.


The shape of things to come: Assessing the main parties’ plans for tax and spend: At an event on 4 November, the Resolution Foundation presented new research on the changing size and shape of the state, and how the main parties’ plans compare. Video available.