Flat pay, little wealth and a shrinking safety net. Whatever happened to the millennials?

What does the Intergenerational Audit say about UK Millennials


Recently, there’s been good news for millennials from across the pond where the latest data suggests their living standards are catching up with (and on some measures surpassing) previous generations. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for British millennials. It’s now been five years since the Resolution Foundation’s Intergenerational Commission first laid out the state … Continued

Britain’s inheritance boom could further decouple people’s retirement age from their state pension age

It’s inheritance and where you live which are the barriers to retirement


The UK’s state pension age is going up – and perhaps faster than expected. The age at which you can draw the state pension is due to rise from 66 to 67 by 2028. And the Government is now reportedly considering bringing forward the rise to 68 from 2046 to the 2030s, as part of … Continued

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