The labour market is making history for the wrong reasons


The backdrop to today’s labour market data has been discussion around the increasingly concerning picture for the winter, with expectations of future increases in the energy price cap continuing to ratchet upwards. But today’s data reminds us that when it comes to pay at least, workers are already facing very tough conditions, even before the … Continued

The jobs market is healthy and doesn’t have a temperature, but pay packets are shrinking not surging


Today’s labour market stats release should have marked a turning point in the post-pandemic labour market, as furlough came to an end and the economy adjusted to a period without restrictions. Instead, the data out this morning – which covers October and November – covers two months of relative normality between the end of furlough … Continued

Any further questions?

From 'The Full Monty: Facing up to the scale of the COVID-19 jobs crisis'


We often have more questions submitted for our event Q&A sessions than we’re able to answer. Where this is the case, we’ll endeavour to respond to a selection of the most interesting or most representative questions that went unanswered. The questions below were submitted to our panel for the event  The Full Monty: Facing up … Continued

Five things we’ve learned from today’s labour market data


This morning the Office for National Statistics (ONS) published the first major set of labour market data that covers the lockdown period, with data from April on vacancies, claimant unemployment, and employee jobs. Of course, the scale of the crisis has been clear for some time in other data – including Universal Credit claims and … Continued

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