How to weigh up minimum wage manifesto promises

Money talks but the bite is what matters


While the principle of there being a minimum wage is, happily, no longer a matter of ideological contention in British politics, its future level is likely to remain a key labour market question in the general election campaign. It matters. First and foremost for the 1.6 million workers who directly rely on it (as well … Continued

Government names and shames 500 firms for illegally under-paying staff – but will it dissuade others from flouting the law?


Today the Department for Business and Trade published a list of more than 500 employers who have underpaid the minimum wage, in the latest ‘naming round’ that publicises firms that break the law. Among the list are household names such as Greggs, easyJet, Hamleys and River Island, as well as smaller local businesses from across … Continued

Britain isn’t post-work

Top of the Charts

Morning all, Apology in straight away. This was going to be a normal TOTCs, but I got sufficiently annoyed about a BBC headline this week that you’ve got a TOTCs special on… the idea that we’re about to be, or should be, post-work. “AI to hit 40% of jobs and worsen inequality, IMF says” it … Continued

The labour market is cooling but pay growth remains strong

New ONS labour market statistics show the biggest employment fall on record outside of a recession


This morning’s labour market statistics show that the labour market is starting to cool, with the biggest employment fall on record outside of a recession. But this is not yet feeding through into wages, which grew at record high rates. And while wage growth impacts both workers and (indirectly) the wider economy, this month’s pay … Continued

Good news in the latest labour market data for the Bank and the Chancellor, but bad news for the general public


This morning’s labour market stats bring good news and bad news. An uptick in workforce participation is good news for everyone, while signs of weakening pay pressure might ease the Bank of England’s inflation concerns. But a wider cooling of demand (seen in falling vacancies, and rising unemployment and redundancies) don’t bode well for workers. … Continued

Is the UK labour market at a crossroads?

This latest ONS labour market statistics, covering November 2022, show a mixed picture


This morning’s labour market statistics, covering November 2022, show a mixed picture. On the one hand, high levels of vacancies and low unemployment mean that the labour market remains tight. But there are early signs that this may not last much longer – vacancies have fallen markedly over the past few months, while redundancies are … Continued

The jobs market is healthy and doesn’t have a temperature, but pay packets are shrinking not surging


Today’s labour market stats release should have marked a turning point in the post-pandemic labour market, as furlough came to an end and the economy adjusted to a period without restrictions. Instead, the data out this morning – which covers October and November – covers two months of relative normality between the end of furlough … Continued

Labour market

Any further questions?

From 'The Full Monty: Facing up to the scale of the COVID-19 jobs crisis'


We often have more questions submitted for our event Q&A sessions than we’re able to answer. Where this is the case, we’ll endeavour to respond to a selection of the most interesting or most representative questions that went unanswered. The questions below were submitted to our panel for the event  The Full Monty: Facing up … Continued

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