Economy 2030

Britain needs to get serious about an economic strategy towards a more prosperous, fairer, greener 2030s – can you help?

Call for policy ideas to help Britain become a fairer, greener, more prosperous nation


The UK’s cost-of-living crisis – with rocketing food and energy prices – is making everyone poorer, and is particularly harmful to low-to-middle income households. But this recent crisis isn’t isolated, because the Britain that confronts it suffers from a toxic combination of high inequality and protracted slow growth.   The UK also has great strengths … Continued

Feeling poor and working more – again


Today’s labour market data tell us a bit more about how the labour market is responding to high inflation and the cost of living shock. We see some things we would expect, some things which may be surprising, and much that remains unresolved. Real wages fall at the fastest rate on record The most eye-popping … Continued

Labour market tight, household budgets tighter


Tuesday’s labour market data showed that many of the trends of recent months remain in play. The labour market tightened further, participation continued to disappoint and real pay packets kept falling, while nominal pay growth hasn’t yet shown clear signs of accelerating.  The labour market is tight The labour market is now very tight on … Continued

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