Tackling structural inequality should sit at the heart of boosting living standards


Tackling inequality is a long game, particularly when faced with deeply embedded structural inequalities. For instance, it’s welcome to see the gender pay gap almost disappearing for those aged under 40 – with shifting workplace attitudes likely heavily contributing to a reduction in gender-based pay inequality. But the gap re-emerges at older ages. The fact … Continued

Recession ready?

Assessing the UK’s macroeconomic framework


This report is the launch paper for the Resolution Foundation’s Macroeconomic Policy Unit. It provides the most comprehensive assessment of the UK’s macroeconomic policy framework since the financial crisis, focusing on the ability of the framework to provide effective support to the economy in the face of the next recession. This work is important, given … Continued

Quantitative (displ)easing?

Does QE work and how should it be used next time?


After the financial crisis, central banks purchased massive amounts of long-term bonds to stimulate economies. These purchases have come to be known as quantitative easing (QE) and have been hugely controversial – barely a third (37 per cent) of UK Members of Parliament, when polled, support its use in future. In theory, QE stimulates the … Continued

Atypical approaches: Options to support workers with insecure incomes


There has been much debate about the certainty of income that atypical work provides, and whether the rights of workers are being consistently upheld. This report explores these issues, looking beyond a minimum wage premium, at how other high-income countries have sought to reduce one-sided flexibility in the labour market.

Cross countries: international comparisons of intergenerational trends


Public concerns about young people’s living standards are shared across high-income countries. This report compares the UK’s generational living standards challenges with those of other high-income economies, focusing on trends in household income and experiences in the labour and housing markets.

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